Our Mission: Preserving Kauai North Shore’s Iconic Landmark – The Princeville Fountain
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February 2020

The Story of Princeville Fountain

Inspired by the “Fountain of Love” on a visit to the Cliveden House, Australian business tycoon Christopher Skase, who had purchased 7,000 acres in Princeville, commissioned a similar fountain for the entrance at Princeville.

In 1989,

12 artisans in Italy began work on a 900-ton piece of marble. The one-year project resulted in the final 200-ton fountain, which traveled to Kauai in 11 containers. It took four of the original artisans four months to install the fountain in its current location. The fountain’s total estimated cost at the time was $1 million.

Over TIme,

The Princeville Fountain has, however, become a prominent and beloved landmark, welcoming visitors to the area from its perch at Princeville’s entrance, a grand reception to the north shore’s lush vegetation and standout natural paradisiacal beauty.

"This elaborate water fountain featuring Neptune is the first thing you see when entering the Princeville planned community. It is an elaborate display of sculpture, water fountains, and lighting. This sculpture has created visitors since the founding and opening of the Princeville Community. The Neptune Fountain is a beautiful view as you enter Princeville, and has become a landmark in it's own right."

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The History of Princeville

King Kamehameha V

Queen Emma of Hawaii

Prince Albert Kamehameha

Few places on earth possess the magnificent beauty of Kauai – “The Garden Isle” of Hawai’i.

In March 1853 Robert Crichton Wyllie, a Scottish physician, bought a plantation on Hanalei Bay on the north shore of the island of Kauaʻi. After an 1860 visit by Queen Emma of Hawaii and her son Prince Albert, he named the plantation Princeville. Prince Albert Kamehameha (May 20, 1858 – August 27, 1862) was the only son of King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma and also godson of Queen Victoria. During his short life, he was the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Hawai’i.

Originally, the land was planted with coffee, then sugarcane, before it became a cattle ranch under Elisha Hunt Allen in 1867. The land was later sold for development in 1968. For a detailed history of Princeville visit I ❤️ Princeville.

Today Princeville is a 9,000-acre upscale, unincorporated master-planned community and home to 2,000 permanent residents. Recognized as the northernmost settlement of Hawaii, Princeville is also known for Queen’s Bath, a unique tide pool surrounded by igneous rock, and the iconic Princeville fountain.

You know you are in paradise,
when you see the fountain

The Story behind the Fountain of Love

Cliveden House is one of England’s¬ grand country houses. It also dates to the mid-19th century. Designed by Sir Charles Barry in 1851, the home features a Palladian style and Italian features and rests 40 meters above the banks of the Thames, in Taplow, England.

In 1893, a wealthy American, William Waldorf Astor, purchased the estate and, as water played an important role in U.K. gardens, he commissioned a Roman fountain for the property. American sculptor Thomas Waldo Story designed the fountain – originally known as the “Shell Fountain” — in 1897 and carved it in Rome before shipping it to the U.K.

The fountain later took the name of “Fountain of Love.” In 1942, Astor donated Cliveden House to the National Trust in Buckinghamshire. Today, the magnificent 375 acres, full of lovely gardens and woodland trails, is run as a world-class luxury hotel.

Preserve the Princeville Fountain

Our Mission: Preserving Kauai North Shore's Iconic Landmark - The Princeville Fountain For more info on Friends of the Fountain contact Ellene Grace at | (707) 888-0239

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Help save the beautiful Princeville fountain!  We are not asking for donations simply a show of support to protect this historic fountain that stands proud at the entrance of Princeville and has for the past four decades become one of the most well known and loved landmarks for the magnificent north shore of Kauai.

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